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For a media assignment I have to talk about the good,bad and ugly videos of the music industry, so i wanted to know everyones opinion, what do you think is a good/bad/ugly video.
you may use specifics (ex. Christina Aguilera's Dirrty is ugly because the whole video is too get her attention by showing ..everything!....etc)
thanks in advnaced

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does anyone have any queen (we are the champions, we will rock you, bohemian rhapcity, another one bites the dust, etc) songs they can send me via email?

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Hey guys. I dont know how many of you listen to Switchfoot, but their new album, Nothing Is Sound came out yesterday. If you buy it at Target, you get an exclusive bonus track, Good Night Punk(i think thats what its called.) If any of you have it will you please be so kind as to send it to me? ymmas911 [at]
Thanks a bunch!
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Hello there! I know I've been slacking as of late, but I've been on vacation and other such things. I started school on monday and once I get the password for the school comps I will be finishing sending videos. I have also (fully) completed the Rock video list.

I wanted to know if you want me to also make lists of the other videos I have(Jimmy Buffett, Country, T.V. stuff[whose line is it anyway, the simpsons, funny commercials, celebrity deathmatch, etc.])???

Do I have any sports fans in here? I recently went to a Bucs game and took about 250 pics and would like to know if anyone would be interested if I posted them.

Leave me comments and let me know. And keep posting stuff and promoting!

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Does anyone have a downloadable version of either the audio or the video of Green Day preforming 'We are the Champions' at the Live 8 thing? And also, if anyone has the audio of 'Sugar we're going down' in a downloadable version, I'd kill for it! Thanks in advance!
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Still no internet, but I have the entire video list updated except for the Good Charlotte videos(there are two tons of them).

I dont know if any of you know, but Simple Plan and Sbarro Pizza have a LidRock promotion where you get 3 exclusive songs, 2 from SP(Promise, live from Japan and I cant remember the other one, but it was live from House of Blues, I think it was off of the old album.) and 1 from another band the song is called Pop Princess and I cant remember the band name, and the Shut Up video. So I also have that.

My Summer classes come to an end on the 21st so I hopefully can get caught up on some things I've been working on and things in here. Warped has started, as many of you know, and hopefully I'll be able to score some press passes or something so I can have some exclusive content for my two little communities here.